Leather & Bags Manufacturing

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take great care in manufacturing of our products. This whole process briefly describes the tasks & process that result in the ultimate quality we offer. That is why it takes on average 10-12 working days for dispatching an item after an order is recieved.

Leather bags manufacturing at is an extensive task that involves a lot of sub tasks. The first and primary task is preparation of leather:

Leather Preparation

1. Preparatory Stage

The first step involves editing and cutting of unwanted raw material/skin. The raw material/skin is then treated from one of the several existing techniques. E.g includes Soaking, Liming, Splitting, Bleaching e.t.c

2. Tanning

The second and most important step is Tanning. It involves converting protein of raw material/skin into a stable material. After tanning the material dries out to a flexible form that does not become putrid when wetted back. Based on the requirement of end application several tanning techniques exist. One of the most common techniques includes chromium.

Other techniques include: Brain tanning, Tannin tanning

3. Crusting

Crusting is used to make the material thin and lubricated. It includes dying and softening operations that involve further sub steps.

Bags Stitching/Manufacturing

Bag manufacturing process involves the following sub processes:

1. Cardboard Pattern

First of all the card board is cut into different parts. These parts are joined into a prototype of the bag.

This helps in estimating the amount of leather required for the bag and gives an abstract overview of the end product.

2. Leather Cutting

After the prototype is approved, the leather is cut into identical pieces as that of step 1.

3. Stitching & Lining

These pieces of leather are than stitched together neatly. The inside is accustomed with the lining. Requirements for zipping or locking are also fulfilled in this step.

4. Waxing & Polishing

The bags are than waxed and polished into their desired color & look.

5. Quality Check

The quality control department thoroughly examines for minor defects. If needed the bag is sent back to the production department for minor adjustments.